About our company

Al Diwan Real Estate Company is the leading investment company in the field of investment.Al Diwan Real Estate Company has prepared a small number of marketing studies for major research projects.Al Diwan Real Estate Company has supervised the implementation of many projects and studies.Al Diwan Real Estate Company is a specialized company in the management of projects

eldewan Objectives

To achieve the concept of marketing and successful real estate investment in Egypt and outside Egypt and provide what suits the aspirations of residential, administrative and commercial customers and others through a strong entity characterized by integration and compatibility to achieve the objectives of the client and the investor.
Al Diwan Real Estate Company is currently managing the projects of the Lotus Gardens Group in Alexandria and the Panorama City project, “The Dream of Housing, Shopping and Luxury”.

success factors

1 – A leading administrative management system with high administrative and leadership skills.
2 – Establish all our work on the results of integrated market research related to investment opportunities and marketing.
3 – We select projects based on clear professional bases and standards that benefit the company and its customers together.

Achievements of the Diwan Company

The company is represented by Mr. Nabil Ahmed Shawki General Manager For more than 30 years, he has been involved in the implementation of several projects since 1985, including: